MC Naphtali

Rg2radio stated from two next door neighbour’s seeing the need for a local Community station and a need for a black voice to give info and a voice to the people of Reading and Berkshire to let the young and old come together. We first started with the help of WCDA, using some of their equipment there had it was old and had not been in use. So this was how we frist stated with the help of the WCDA. We frist did shows rudie richs house,we did nit go live , tryed with wcda for two years. We not getting anywhereThe last thing we did there helped us to put on a Black history event in October20 18. We then left and became Independent. We formed a new group With myself co founder With kim leng An hector Johnson And elaine Williams To from the group. We then started to get people from the commonly to come on board. So in 2020 elaine williams helped us to building a website and putting in place all the tools to for Us to go LIVE ON365. we went on air in jan 2020 with no djs in may of 2020 we went live in air with one dj then playing from home helped, we then got to do our frist event in july of 2020 funday for the seven churches. we kept growing by more dj an more content we were asked to do the reading meal event at the reading collage. now in 2021 we were asked to do reading carnival. we are now doing 7 days a week nearly 110 hours of live radio from 4pm to 2am in the week the days and all day weekends and we are doing new shows as talk show thursdays ,and local and international interviews . out mission is to inform educate and empower the local communityty and develop community spirit though entertained playing music and promoting local talents in all areas blessed.

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