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About RG2 Radio

RG2 Radio is a community radio station on a mission to inform, engage & empower the Reading, UK community. Lifting up the voices of our residents.

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Updates about what’s going on in Reading, including:

  • Playing music by Reading’s tastemakers
  • Sharing the views of our youth
  • Covering policy and health matters
  • Debates with local MPs & Councillors


Sharing knowledge through key activities such as:

  • Cultural engagements
  • Intergenerational exchanges
  • Collaborating with grassroots organisations
  • Focussing on local DJs and content makers


Providing opportunities to enable individuals to:

  • Participate and attend community events
  • Broadcast their stories
  • Give a platform to and support small businesses
  • Make positive change and contribute locally

We organise & host family fun days, talent showcases and club nights for the community to enjoy.

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