Master K

It started by accident in 1974. I was in the right place at the right time. The place was Dover, Kent, England. The resident DJ was being asked for some new reggae and soul tunes, however he didn’t have any, so my mate said I had some new music, and volunteered me to bring some and spin a few. The night went well.

While in Hong Kong, we fun, a group of us got together and had house parties. I went on to play in a club called “The China Fleet Club”, spinning a wide range of music but always ending up playing reggae & soul. On my return to the UK, I played in a few places Hounslow, London.

I joined a sound system called the “Mighty Challenger”. We discovered that another sound started to use the same name, so we changed ours to “LOVE TKO” (Yes you’re right a Teddy Pendergrass tune) we played in a number of clubs in London and weekends

In 1992 I moved from London to Reading, approximately forty miles from London, I didn’t start playing music straight away, but once you have the bug you just can’t leave it alone.
I started a sound system called Family Connection Road Show with DjMikey, which is very popularity and has a reputation of playing all types of music.

Then after a number of years I moved away to Wellingborough where I am right now.
(Once lockdown is over) I currently play out at dances or I still join up with my old sounds
I was a presenter for a number of radio stations during the years and now have joined RG2 radio in my show you get old and new music of every type.

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