The Ring the Alarm Duo play a mixture of reggae (new and revive) and soul, and like to include music by local artists.

Lady Banton just loves all types of music but particularly loves to showcase new music and new artists from Jamaica and the Caribbean. "I am a party person who loves to entertain people. I hope you enjoy my shows on this station."

General Echo brings his passion for Reggae in the mix on RG2 Radio

DJ GICH is an Urban and Ol' Skool DJ and Entertainer... Always keeping his shows on Fire to the end.

Reggae selector formerly Classic Wonder sound system bringing the vibes on the Rub-a-dub and Revival Sunday show.

I have always had a keen interest in music, which progressed to Dj'ing 8 years ago. You could say that i was bit of a late starter.  I started DJ'ing with music from  more bass orientated backgrounds such as Jungle, DnB, House & UKG. I would say I'm a very versatile DJ who's sole purpose is to ensure the crowd get only kriss vibes!! I try to build this in all of my sets regardless of what genre I may be asked to play.

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