DJ Gich


DJ Gich… Readings own Afrobeats, Dancehall & Reggae DJ. Gich is one of Reading’s pioneers when it comes to African Music, Culture and Good Vybz.
“My family were big on Reggae when I was growing up. We had a massive vinyl collection. I grew up on reggae music. I got one of the first virtual Dj software in 2001 and loved it from then. I never looked back. Before long I had amassed a wealth of African music from friends and fellow African DJs. I would host birthday parties with my pc, mouse and small speakers, laptop came later. Eventually I bought some basic decks in 2005 and I was hooked. I’ve been blessed to meet many international artists, DJs and MCs along the way who have helped build my Deejay hobby into a career. I also played in some amazing Clubs and outdoor events like Reading Carnival 2019. I manage the stage for Kenya In The Park London, one of Africa’s biggest yearly Events.

Always keeping his shows on Fire to the end.

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