Selector Morro Morro

“Ask an objective friend, ‘what do you think is interesting about my work as a Selector?’ The results may surprise you.”

Selector Morro Morro does not scowl and look mean while he DJs. He does not pretend to know everything and he will be nice to you and your friends. He is grateful to be doing music for a living and he knows that the reason people go to parties is to shake their bodies and have fun. If you want to act cool and not have any fun then please do not book him.”

Remember music is our healing & music is life with Selector Morro Morro your satisfaction is guaranteed 2000% bless!!!
Selector Morro Morro plays on www.rg2radio.com every Saturday night from 2200hrs – 0100hrs the Pure Niceness Show, this being an International Reggae & Dancehall Show broadcasts live from the U.K

Selector Morro Morro is a Promoter and the C.E.O of Moto Moto Production on Facebook, you can find his mixtapes under Selector Morro Morro on Mixcloud&SoundCloud.

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